The first and only breast pump that mimics your baby’s nursing pattern through the natural rhythms of compression and vacuum, resulting in more comfortable and productive sessions.

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A Little Extra

Get all the benefits of our trademark comfort in a portable, easy-to-use hand pump.

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Technology as Nature Intended

Our most advanced electric breast pump allows you to express your milk in comfort and with ease, with the FDA’s highest safety rating and hospital-level quality.

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Compression and
Vacuum Technology

Utilizes our patented technology of compression and vacuum that mimics your baby's natural nursing pattern. While other pumps use an older push-pull motion, this research-proven technology helps make breast pumping more comfortable and efficient.

Silicone Breast Cups

Naturally form around your breasts so they’re truly one-size-fits-all.

Closed System
With 1-Micron Filter

Blocks bacteria, viruses, and fluid from entering the pump to ensure the purity of your milk.

Dry Mode

Automatically gets rid of any condensation in the tubing with just a few simple steps.

Snap-in Bottle Holders

Slip easily into either side of your breast pump to secure your bottles in place anywhere you pump.

One great family. Same great performance.

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Parent Services

Having a baby is life changing, whether it’s your employee’s first or an addition to their growing family. Our world-class Parent Services provide a smooth transition for you and your employees before, during, and after their baby’s arrival.

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